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A couple of miles a day will keep the doctor away! No matter the type of run you’re going on, you’ll always need a pair of running shoes to get you through your the exercise. From a light jog to running marathons, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right pair of running shoes.? Nowadays, shoes are pack with tons of advance technologies to ensure that we are taking care of not only our feet but preventing injuries too.


Whether you’re an overpronator, underpronator, or a neutral pronator, there’s a running shoe out there for everyone.?? A normal pronator will do well with running shoe that offers stability and moderate pronation control. An overpronator will need a running shoe with motion control that limits pronation. And an underpronator will do best with a running shoe that simulates a natural foot motion with neutral cushioning.


With several different running brands out there today, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what shoe works best for you. Be patient and take the time to research your foot and in the end you’ll be glad to know that you picked out the right running shoe for you. Nike? Zoom running shoes offer a lightweight feel and are flexible for the underpronator runner. And last, but not least the GT-2000 from ASCIS? is a recommended shoe for overpronator.


Don’t forget that you need to pick up the correct running shoes for the little one as well. You want to make sure that you get them started off in the right pair of shoes that works for them. So let them think they’re a big boy or girl and get them a pair just like mom or dad’s.

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